Integrated crisis management

Delivering success with experience and efficiency.


Successful restructuring management is based on great technical knowledge and extensive expertise. But from Schmitz & Partner’s perspective, what is also crucial for sustainable restructuring is the ability to gain a feel for the employees working in a company, to carry them along emotionally on the path to any reorganisation, and to make the best use of their potential.

Using our experience and efficiency to find the right solution for our clients and implementing it with complete success – this is what spurs us on every single day.


Crisis management means pinpointing a company’s problems and initiating the necessary changes. To be able to make decisions and act on an individual basis, industry know-how and flexibility are called for. This is why  Ralf Schmitz and Dr. Benno Hank founded Schmitz & Partner. The management consultants offer a persuasive, highly specialised team that combines many years of experience working in the fields of restructuring, business management and finance.


We rely on integrated crisis management to enable us to support businesses in critical situations directly on the ground. The mobile CRO/CFO unit of Schmitz & Partner not only provides solid strategic analysis – it also implements defined restructuring measures immediately in a pragmatic way. In doing this, the focus is always on discretion, confidentiality and working to find solutions in the background.

Gaining an initial insight into the way we work is of course no substitute for making contact in person. Talk to us if you would like to learn more about Schmitz & Partner Management Consultants.