As a result of the slump in traffic and the low income from tolls associated with this, what is currently Germany’s largest PPP project (motorway) faced insolvency. Ralf Schmitz took over control of the company as CRO in order to stabilise the company and negotiate on an increase in the toll.

Project overview


Ralf Schmitz


International shareholders

  • One of the largest German PPP projects (motorway)
  • Legal form: limited liability company & partnership
Initial situation
  • Crisis caused by fall in traffic and low income from tolls associated with this
  • Company acutely threatened by insolvency
What the project involved
  • Taking over the management of the company / CRO
  • Stabilising the company
  • Negotiations with the franchisor to increase the toll
  • Close communication and cooperation with the management, shareholders and banks
  • Negotiating a standstill agreement with the creditor banks
  • Conducting a conciliation process with the franchisor
  • Intensive cooperation with the media / public relations
  • Filing a lawsuit against the Federal Government, lawsuit worth approx. EUR 800 million
  • Stabilisierung des Unternehmens durch erfolgreiches Stand Still mit den Gläubiger-Banken
  • Obsiegen des Schlichtungsverfahrens
Project duration

Project is still ongoing as the lawsuit has not yet been resolved